A downloadable game for Windows

This is  Ludum Dare game.

This is an exploration of a mechanic idea. Don't expect for a comple game!

And finally, this is our first Ludum dare game, enjoy!


- Move: A/D  or Left/Right arrows
- Change shape: RightShift or LeftShift

The Game:

Your objective is to stay alive as long as possible, all the while completing the bars full of geometric shapes by adapting your shape and standing in the correct position. As time passes, more shapes will be added to the list and it will get harder to adapt! Show what you can do!

PS: We have gotten a problem with the build resolution. We wanted the game to be 800x600 by default, but, when exporting, Unity would not let us. Anyway, you can resize the window manually to make it the shape you want to.

The Theme:

As you all know, this Ludum Dare’s theme is “the more you have, the worse it is”. This got us thinking about excesses, and what are the most popular excesses in our western culture? The 7 deadly sins. From this train of thought, we created a mechanic for each deadly sin and, through a discarding process, chose the one we saw more fit.

The sin we chose to create our game from was “Envy”; the main mechanic in the game was inspired by the character “Envy” from Full Metal Alchemist, a personification of the sin itself. In the game you play as someone envious, someone who can’t be happy by himself and has to adapt and fit in into every situation he’s presented with to feel better about himself, being someone he’s not.

The addition of more shapes to fit into and the neverending bars falling on top of the player make it so that, after a while, there are too many shapes for him to transform to and his desire to “fit in” crushes him.

Switching shapes is the focus of the game and, the more shapes there are to choose from, the harder the game becomes, because the player can only press one button to scroll through all the shapes. That’s why “the more you have, the worst it is”.

We hope you enjoy our small project. Thank you for playing!

Mentions :

Music: A Jumping Jack Frost remix from Do You Know Where You’re Coming From- by M Beat and Jamiroquai

Sounds: Edited with LMMS

Engine: Unity 2017.2.0f3

Font: The Light Font

This game has a page on the Ludum Dare 40, please rate us! --> FIT_IN

Thanks for play and enjoy!

Install instructions

Download the .rar and decompress it.

Click on the "FIT_IN_V.1.0.exe"



LudumDare_FIT_IN_V.1.0.rar 17 MB

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